...from Michael W. Higgins in Literary Review of Canada, Vol. 16, No. 9 (November 2008): 27.

Thomas Merton: Hermit at the Heart of Things…reads like a love letter, a genre that presumes familiarity, speaks from the heart and discloses the innermost self… Porter painstakingly makes sure the personal struggle is never lost sight of — not in spite of but because of — the larger context of ideas. That is why, when speaking of Merton’s desire for “a complete and holy transparency,” Porter compares him to his contemporary, the priest-psychologist Henri Nouwen… He ensures that we never see Merton isolated from his culture, his contemporaries, his time….To the degree that Porter’s love letter conveys Merton’s connectedness with our time, his book works well: kaleidoscopic, quirky and epiphanic.”

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