...from The Merton Annual: Studies in Culture, Spirituality and Social Concerns, edited by David Belcastro and Gray Matthews, Vol. 21, 2008, pp. 234-236 & 263-265.

David Belcastro: “Porter understands Merton’s way of thinking as ‘relational, personal and experiential.’ He shows how Merton moves from one encounter to another, reading and reflecting, and perhaps most importantly, forming friendships from which new questions and insights eventually surface. And, this is what Porter does with Merton. It is also what he suggests the reader should do when reading Merton. When reading Merton, one is drawn into a spiritual friendship…Porter is a poet and essayist whose perspective and interests are different than those of a biographer. He explores the possibility of entering into a literary friendship with Merton and one that transforms the reader…”

Ross Labrie: “Dionysian…”

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