Praise for The Glass Art of Sarah Hall


The Glass Art of Sarah Hall presents 27 beautifully illustrated art glass installations. Hall's work ranges from a solar tower in Vancouver to leaf patterns in an Arizona sanctuary, from whimsical prismatic glass in a children's centre to abstract designs at the Embassy of Kuwait and the jewelled splendour of the 'Wisdom Windows' at Massey College in Toronto. Her work combines joy with serenity and experiment with reverence. The book captures one of North America's finest glass artists at the peak of her technical innovation and artistic creativity. The text draws on biography, poetry, philosophy and art history in a style at once meditative and conversational.

112 pages
ISBN: 9780986870408
Published by Glasmalerei Peters GmbH, Germany, available from

"The Glass Art of Sarah Hall gives ample evidence, with its selection of lush photography and accompanying essay by the lyrical and perceptive Porter, of the noble genesis of her art in a tradition that includes the rich, deep colours of Notre Dame's windows in Paris and the austere, almost monochromatic, Cistercian windows of York Minster in England - the dance of light in Matisse's windows in the chapel at Vence and the dignified weight of Rouault's glasswork."

--Michael Higgins, St. John Telegraph

"Leafing through this volume, I found myself thinking back again and again to a line from Porter's catalogue essay: 'She makes visible the usually invisible thrust of life.' Sarah Hall does exactly that, celebrating in new glass the old symbols by which we know God, life and each other."

--John Bentley Mays, Catholic Register

"The wrap-around cover of Sarah Hall's book enfolds 100 pages of brilliant colour, the play of art on glass, the beauty of that combination and its overflow on what surrounds it. The rich variety of her palette is well captured through photographs - stunning and serene, robust and calming - indicative of Sarah's all-embracing outreach, in turn meditative and playful, uplifting and contemplative. How many shades of blue there are, how many shades of gold: airbrushed and hand painted, screen printed and sandblasted, solar cells and laminated glass. J.S.Porter's poetic writing catches well the imagery he obviously enjoys."

--Pat Fitzpatrick

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