...from Keith Garebian in The Globe and Mail, February 23, 2002

“Intimacy in J.S. Porter’s essays on literature and spirituality is of a different sort. The author treats books as if they were living, breathing worlds…”

“Porter’s fine critical mind is clearly felt in his elegant inquiry into the subtle places where word and spirit meet…”

“Whether he is exploring the smalll but vital writing of Kristjana Gunnars, the meditative strains in Clarice Lispector or the complex metaphysics of Martin Heidegger, Porter is unfailingly sensitive to the spirit behind and within words. Where many intellectuals preoccupy themselves with the geography or landscape of text—its contours, textures, structure, peaks, valleys, curves and edges—Porter tries to find the inscape. He produces a meditation on writing rather than a detailed explication, but his ardent affection for the life of language and the human spirit results in an unusual, quirky, wise odyssey into the very soul of writing.”

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