Stone Skips (poem)

by J.S. Porter

(for frances & my father)

a stone garden, a stone table, a bowl of stones

stubborn as stone, as loyal, as steadfast

stone: you can chip it, but you can’t kill it

still, like stone

stone’s shadow: cold, self-absorbed, a non-breeder

stone: put it on your finger, put it on your grave

immortal as stone, a muted howl against the eclipsing dark

river stone, sea stone, field stone: markers of time

the stone poets: yeats and jeffers, herbert and popa

the stone sculptors: brancusi and noguchi, epstein and moore

stepping stones, skipping stones; primers against amnesia

would you lie with me in a bed of stone

father’s stone: dark, smooth, eternal

  • published in Hammered Out, May 2004

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